allergic symptoms

Home remedies for allergic symptoms

December 24, 2018 admin 0

Allergies symptoms Allergies are amplified immune responses to kind of stuffs that are generally not considered risky to other people but you. There are different types, such as food and skin allergies. When your immune

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Infertility Reasons and Natural Cures

December 17, 2018 admin 2

Infertility Reasons Certainly, you have seen a very  common   headline in different magazines- The teenager  gave birth of a baby or The blessing of IVF; a lady has become the mother of triplets. You

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Yoga Practice

Ancient Yoga practice

December 12, 2018 admin 1

Introduction of yoga Yoga is a discipline that is based on spiritual values and science. It focuses on coordination between mind and body. It’s a magic of healthy living. The word derived from the Sanskrit

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Health Tips

55 Best Health Tips For All

December 10, 2018 admin 0

Health tips We, the human being are excessively dependent on technologies to maintain a modern lifestyle. Junk foods, unhealthy living, lacking physical activities, and excessive use of gadgets like mobile phone have made us more

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What is Pranayama

December 6, 2018 admin 0

Pranayama is a Sanskrit term. It is a complete breathing exercise and a part of ancient yoga. ‘Prana’ means breath and ‘ayama’ means control. Thus, Pranayama helps you control over breathing and cleans the channels

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