7 best yoga benefits for children and teens

Today’s kids go through many distractions, provocation, social pressure, and temptations. They have lost their childhood in all these pressure. They have to accept the challenges imposed by the schools, family, and society. ‘Do more’ has become the ‘Mantra’ of life. No one understands each finger is not the same. It will not work if you start pulling the fingers to bring them in the same order rather you break all of them soon. Every child is different. Everyone has a special demand, a different view, and a separate intuition. Love your children, support them, and let them understand your love for them. Feel their small feelings and let them grow individually. But it is quite easy to say than to do for the social pressure imposed unnecessarily on the children today rather make your child prepare and calm to accept those life challenges easily. Introduce him to the world’s ancient practice – ‘YOGA’ and help him balance the physiological, psychological, and physical wellbeing.

As a parent, you start to guide him with the actual knowledge and benefits of yoga. But always remember that he is not enough matured like you. Tell him in the way he/she will like or prefer. Don’t make the issue monotonous but, start in a playful and interesting way that can involve in this ancient practice willingly.

There are a lot of yoga benefits among kids and teens. Here are a few of them:

1. Anxiety management

Not only stresses are for adults but children have more stress to existing in this competitive world. Yoga helps children with stress management skills. There are several breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to understand how to reduce daily stresses. Yoga teaches your teens how to handle everyday stress for a steady doing.

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2. Controlling emotion

Yoga controls over children’s emotion. Doing different yoga practices your child gets the power to control over his/her emotions. They gain a peaceful state of mind. Teens are more restless with their teenage emotions. Yoga improves calmness and keeps your child serene in his/her emotional disturbance. Improving emotional regulation, yoga is one of the best things on Earth.

3. Enhance self-esteem

Children are very transparent. They don’t understand the cruel truth of the world. Racism or other social discriminations sometimes make their self-confidence minimum. They lose their self-esteem and want to escape from all these awful situations. You as a parent must stay beside him/her at that time and the rest will be done by yoga. Enhancing self-esteem, encourage your child to start yoga today.

4. Develop body awareness

Practicing different yoga poses helps your children learn about their body parts and their functions. For increasing body awareness and cognition, yoga is the most effective way. Your child will understand his/her capability in controlling over the mind and body.

5. Improve concentration and memory

Yoga techniques improve the memory and help a child to stay more concentrated on a matter at a time. It is one of the top benefits of yoga that it makes a child more attentive than he/she stays away from any distraction. Improved concentration helps your child build a good academic performance.

6. Grow strength and flexibility

Yoga makes your child physically fit and gives them a good physicals formation. The body becomes more flexible and strong by practicing yoga regularly. It strengthens the muscles and reduces the chance of getting injured frequently.

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7. Enhance discipline

Regular practice of yoga makes your child discipline in all respect. It helps him/her to accept challenges. It reduces impulsivity. And it teaches your child how to do the tasks timely and attentively.

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