Benefits of Green Tea

Proven health benefits of green tea

Drinking tea is a great infusion people have been getting for thousands of years. Today, it is considered as a most common beverage in the world except water. Tea has a large number of health benefits, study raveled. There are three kinds or categories of tea available in the market, green, black, and oolong. Camellia sinensis is the scientific name of tea leaves. Unfermented leaves are used to make green tea while fermented leaves are used to make oolong and black tea.

The healthiest beverage in the world is green tea. It does not contain sugar and calorie. It is full of antioxidant that offers plenty of health benefits such as improved brain function, fat loss, and prevention of cancer. Additionally, it refreshes and rejuvenates your body and mind.

Advantages of green tea

Some important health benefits of green tea include:

Protect your brain

Multiple studies show that antioxidant has the protective power to lessen the risk of these neurodegenerative diseases.

Fat burning

It is clinically suggested that taking green tea boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat. It is the preventive solution of excess weight gaining and obesity. It is because of the caffeine in it. Green tea helps you feel fully energetic and fresh all over the day.

Lower risk of diabetes

It helps to stabilize your blood sugar level. Studies show that it improves insulin sensitivity and helps you maintain the blood sugar level. It prevents to develop type 2 diabetes if you take it regularly.

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A healthy cardiovascular system

Hypertension and other heart diseases are very common and there are no age limits of developing these disorders. Regular intake of green tea minimizes the risks of heart disorders and also prevents happening heart attacks frequently. It reduces the risk of blood clotting and thus, prevents the risk of strokes. For improved cardiovascular health, taking green tea is really significant.

Active body functions

It also boosts your overall physical performance such as increasing endurance and mobility. It makes you less exhausted by making your energy level high. Some studies say that it prevents tissue damaging during physical exercise.

Lower risks of cancer and other diseases

Research says that polyphenols in green tea plays a significant role as the protective and preventive factor against cancer. This chemical helps to kill malignant tumor cells and stops them from increasing in the body. Antioxidant damages the development of cancerous cells and it may have a protective effect against this deadly disease. When you take green tea your body gets the powerful effect of antioxidant and it certainly reduces the risk factors of growing malignant cells that cause pancreas cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

Make your mood good and help you relax

Green tea has amino acid, L-theanine that is considered as the anti-anxiety element. It increases dopamine and produces alpha waves in your brain. Thus, decreasing stress, increasing relaxation, and reducing depression, green tea is a must to take daily. It also fights for free-radical damages and gives your skin a younger and glowing look. Its anti-inflammatory property helps skin from damaging by environmental pollution.

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Make green tea as a regular practice in your life and live longer, healthier, and happier than before.

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