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In the quick and busy activities in our daily life, we barely get sufficient time for sleeping and relaxation. In the crowd of social and professional responsibilities, we have no time to enjoy even the morning coffee in peace. And somehow we start to feel sex as the most neglected issue. We don’t know when and how it happens, how spending time on mobile phones has become more important than being with our partner on the softness of our bed.

On the other hand, when we perform sex, it seems like the most boring and tedious task that we want to finish fast. We find lesser fun and satisfaction as it used to be before. Having sex is the most important issue for a better life. It strengthens the bonding with your partner. A little change in your daily routine can bring a huge change in your life.

There are so many ways to improve your sex life being a busy individual:

1. Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise strengthens pelvic floor muscles. Two to Five minutes exercise daily will help you resist urinary leakage and bladder problems. For stronger libido, intense orgasm, and as a whole better sex, target to practice Kegel exercises regularly. The easiest way is, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold it a few seconds and relax the muscles. Repeat four to five times. Practice this exercise regularly and notice the amazing benefits of it. It will help you more to have the bodily satisfaction.

2. Try something new

Try to make your daydream a reality. If you have a different sexual interest that you never discussed before, it is the time to discuss it with your partner. If your partner feels the same interest in it, it will lead you to an enjoyable moment that you never experience before. Try to explore both of your choices and demand while having sex. Discuss and decide whether your interest is right and can be helpful for a better sexual life.

3. Set the atmosphere

Make your room perfect for relaxing both of you to a great extent. Try to make it a little bit more romantic by using scented candles and soothing light. Play soft music that your bodies get more relaxation to enjoy sex. When your body and mind feel the calmness, you can enjoy sex a million times better than before.

4. Yoga practices

Do yoga or any other workout daily. Yoga, running or Pilates make you feel good and sexy. Exercises make your body and mind fit. You will feel energetic and you can channel this energy when you are in sex.

5. More time in foreplay

Foreplay is the best thing you can do for a pleasing sex. It enhances your bodily excitement and you will be ready to enjoy the sex. Try something new while fore-playing. It might be oil massaging or playing arousing games. Remember that sex starts from your brain, not from your body. Foreplay helps you to enjoy the orgasm more intensely.

6. Appreciate him/her

When you have a good relationship with your partner, it has a good impact also on your sex life. And your sex will suffer when your communication is less. Thus, try to be close with your partner and make an understanding relationship. The simplest way is to develop gratitude. Thank or appreciate him/her for a simple thing like cleaning the kitchen or cooking the dinner.

7. Create suspense

How do you feel when you get your partner in the outfit you like to think him/her all night? Try to give him/her a surprise by the way your partner likes you to appreciate. Do your hair and makeup in the way your partner likes. Bringing back the passion in your sex life, it is the simplest yet an effective way.

8. Choose other places instead of the bedroom

After a few years of togetherness, sex life becomes too much boring. Break this routine by getting out from your bedroom; you have the entire home, use it. It can be the shower, the car, the drawing room sofa or the kitchen slabs. Try these options; you will feel extra joy when you try something different than the regular routine.

9. Sex toys bring more fun

Sex toys are not used only for sole satisfaction but use them for getting pleasure together. Browse a website together to enjoy purchasing these playful objects or you can choose one for giving him/her surprise. Adding sex toys during sex can remove the boredom and take you to the world of pleasure and enjoyment.

10. Get adequate sleep

Libido means sexual desire. And it hampers a lot by lack of sleep. When you are exhausted it does not sound suitable to have sex. Sleep well and you will find a way definitely to enhance libido, the desire to be intimate with your partner.

Every single couple has a specific sex desire and fulfillment. It depends on time, their professional status, and biological structure. These are some general facts to make one’s sexual life energetic and pleasing. But you are the only one who can explore new findings to make it special and beyond expectation. Love yourself; it has a significant impact on the betterment of your sex life. Stay fit and well-shaped to carry the impression of your partner for the whole life. You should feel proud to strip off your clothing in front of your partner; it feels amazing really when you are well-shaped.

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