Maintain all healthy habits after menopause


Hold Your Femininity after Menopause

Is it a joy to celebrate menopause? It is a natural process, women experience in the middle of their age. Most of the women have a feeling of depression for this occurring. Once she stayed drenched with her attractive presence now she is dry. But there are many ways to celebrate the menopausal days. There is no longer cramping or spotting; there is no possibility to get pregnancy; there are a lot of interesting issues you will enjoy at the beginning of 50. Enjoy it in your own way.

What menopause is ?

Menopause is an inevitable occurrence like death. It happens when a woman has missed her period for 12 consecutive months. It is a stage of life when women stop producing estrogen and progesterone hormone in their ovaries. These two hormones control menstruation and ovulation. Women are no longer fertile at that time. It is a genetic issue when a woman starts experiencing menopausal symptoms. It can come at late 40 or late 50. Research says 51 is an average age of starting menopause.

When the estrogen level starts lowering, a woman starts to feel several unpleasant symptoms. This transition period is called Perimenopause. It can last for a few months or a few years. When ovaries stop releasing eggs permanently, menopause has occurred officially.

Common symptoms

Women go through an extreme hormonal change at Perimenopause period as their ovaries are no longer able to produce more estrogen and progesterone. At the end of this stage, ovaries stop producing these hormones totally. In this transition period, women can experience several uncomfortable symptoms. Not all the women have the same symptoms and discomfort during the pre-menopausal period. Some common symptoms include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Changes in sexual desire (libido)
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Muscle cramps and pains
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Excessive night sweating
  • Chills
  • Weight gain
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Sleep disorders
  • Behavioral changes
  • Breast Sagging
  • Mood swing
  • Lack of concentration
  • Frequent urination
  • Depression
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These signs are very natural and at the end of Perimenopause period, these symptoms will go away naturally. Postmenopausal women are prone to osteoporosis, heart diseases, and weakened vision. With a changing lifestyle and medication, women can have a better life after menopause.

Other causes of menopause

It comes naturally after a certain age. But in many cases, it comes before time. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hysterectomy are the reasons why a woman gets an early menopause.


Menopause has an elongated list of symptoms, and the symptoms vary from woman to woman. While some have a moderately short and painless perimenopause phase, other women may suffer years of uncomfortable symptoms.

Medical Treatment

Doctors treat individually according to the symptoms. Relieving from hot flashes, night sweating, and mood change, a woman can get special medication. Otherwise, hormone therapy is a common and effective treatment to ease the discomfort of menopause as well.

For balancing estrogen and progesterone level, hormone therapy is a good choice. Doctors treat this imbalance by prescribing pills, creams, gels or vaginal rings. Treating depression, doctors suggest antidepressant medicines more commonly.

Natural Treatment

Some research says a hormone therapy increases the risk of breast cancer and heart diseases though there is not enough proof for that. There are plenty of options to stay fit, healthy, and cheerful after menopause. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing are the great options for having a good sleep and for easing stresses.

Some lifestyle changes can offer really good things to a menopausal woman. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and social work help one to combat the troubles. ‘Focus On Living Well’ is the key to a better life.

Sex after menopause

It is just a thought that postmenopausal women are no longer able to get sexual pleasure. Due to a drastic physical change, many women feel a lack of sexual desire at that time. Vaginal dryness is another reason for not to feel interested to be intimate with her partner. Most of the women feel ashamed to face their partners. But you are not the only one who is going through this time. Explore yourself more extraordinarily in front of your partner. You are the only one to help you come out from this stressful situation. There is a word ‘emotional need’ rather than ’biological need’. If there is an emotional need, you must feel the biological need automatically. Thus, be energetic to grow an emotional desire of spending good times with your intimate one.

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Some steps to stay sexy after menopause

Go for your brain

Sexual desire starts in the brain not in the genital parts” – focus on this truth. Foreplay takes an important role during and after menopause also. Your husband or partner needs to know how mysterious you are. Think positively, take an active role and start the journey in a new way.

Discover the natural solutions

Encouraging the production of estrogen, there are plenty of natural ingredients available in nature. Black cohosh is a medicinal herb that helps a lot to reduce the menopausal symptoms like a hot flash. Soy protein is also good for lessening the discomfort during and after menopause.

Know the features of vaginal lubricants

Once there was a time when your vagina was a rainforest, now it is dazzled dry like a desert. Don’t worry at all. Try vaginal lubricants for an enjoyable sex. Your vagina will feel young again with the use of these lubricants. Estrogen-rich lubes are really helpful to offer you a great going with your partner.

Do Exercise

Do sweaty exercise. You will stay toned and firm always. Loosening of muscles and tissues can be arrested if you do hard exercise regularly. It affects your sex life also when you have a shaped and toned figure.

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