15 easy ways to help your child fight against the exam stress

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Easy way to beat Exam Stress

Exam stress is an inevitable event in a student’s life. It is such a frightening feeling that most of the students experience before and during exam days. It is the time when there are books and copies scattered everywhere in the room and still sometimes it feels hard to find out the solution of a simple math problem. Ultimately, it brings nothing but poor concentration, sleeplessness, lack of energy, lack of feeling hungry and an overall sickness. Sometimes, it leads to a severe depression and depressive students cannot achieve good marks and better result indeed.

exam stress

Exam stress is a serious issue today from 6 to 18 years students and more. Parents and teachers must not ignore the matter, in fact. Their utmost guidance and sincere care will make the children feel loved and cared to beat the situation. Here are 15 simplest yet scientific steps your child needs to follow that will work against stressing. Help your child to overcome the exam stressfulness by the following tips:

Keep the room clean

“A messy room is the sign of a messy mind”. Make your child encouraged to keep his/her room clean and clutter-free. The wastes and clutters here and there in the room make the students distracted from preparing lessons. Their brains decrease the ability to think and concentrate in a messy and untidy room. Encourage your child to use dustbins and drawers to get a clean room to concentrate more on studies without any distraction.

Time management

From early childhood, encourage your children in time management. It is one of the biggest issues that will help them throughout their lives. It’s more important to manage every single task timely. If students finish their lessons well in advance they can revise properly during the exam time. And time management helps them to finish their tasks timely.

Write down the items students are worried about

It works well to write down the reasons your child is worried about. For example, if he/she feels weakness in any one or two chapters, it is better to ignore those chapters and try to focus on revising the rest chapters.

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Focus on progress, not perfection

Encourage them to keep aside their perfectionist attitude and to focus on their progress. It is necessary to setup realistic goals instead of trying for the achievement that is impossible. Encourage them to celebrate big or small success. Being perfect has no limit. Keep trying and see the progress.

Set up a routine

During the exam time, it is more important to maintain a routine that will make a balance between the study and other tasks. Insist your child to plan a day routine wise including eating, sleeping, studying, and relaxation.


Change the place of study

Sometimes, changing of the study place brings a big impact to remove exam stresses. Try to find out some places that are comfortable and free from disturbance. Changing the study place helps to remove study related boredom and stress.

Get enough sleep

The most important thing that every student compromises during the exam time is sleep. But a rested body and mind are necessary for improving their skills during the exam. Students need at least eight hours sleep every day. Help your child sleep enough to beat the exam stress.

Reduce phone usage

A mobile phone is the greatest distraction today. A mobile phone not only increases stress but it affects your child’s mental health negatively. Try to make the phone usage least during the exam days. Don’t allow them to keep their phone on after 9 at the night.

lack of energy

Nutritious food than junk

Give your child more protein-rich food during those days. Fresh foods, whole grains, and calcium help your child stay healthy. Avoid processed and junk foods. Stomach disorder is a common symptom of stress. Junk foods enhance the risk of other physical difficulties and make your child sick. Insist them to take a lot of water for avoiding dehydration.

Exercise and deep breathing

Though the exam time is very crucial for every student yet they need few breaks in between studies. 15 minutes deep breathing exercise has immense helpfulness to reduce stress and anxiety. It motivates your child with positive vibes. Tell him/her to take a walk and get fresh air every day. Some asanas have excellent health benefits to beat stresses. Encourage your child to do some selected exercises during those days to feel the freeness from unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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Reduce sugar intake

Sugar intake increases blood sugar level and makes your child lethargic and tired. Excessive sugary foods are not good as they insist the stress hormone to release. Avoid sugary foods to reduce the exam stress of your child.

Quiet calming music in leisure

Choose some motivational and calming music and tell your child to listen to his/her leisure time. It will make your child feels quiet and serene and it directly affects stress. Listening music reduces stress, researches have proved.

Get some sunlight every day

Sunlight is the source of vitamin D. Continuous studying can make your child feels monotonous. Encourage him/her to go for a walk and take the energy of sunlight. A walk in a nearby park will help relax the mind and body of your child.

Drink tea

A study has revealed that drinking black tea is associated with stress management. A cup of black tea or more preferably green tea will energize your child and help him/her being more prepared for the exam.

Eat dark chocolate

It is scientific that eating dark chocolate reduces stress and anxiety. A small amount of dark chocolate (with 70% or more cocoa) will reduce the level of stress hormone. But you should be aware of the excess calorie intake. Allow your child to eat a small amount of dark chocolate every alternative day during his/her exam days.

All these mentioned steps can be highly beneficial for your child to beat the exam stress and achieve a great grade in his/her exam.

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